CAMELLIA BOUTIQUE is a 100% Portuguese brand that presents clothes from 1m to 14A. 

It was created in 2014 by its founder Vera Cardoso. 

Vera Cardoso has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has several specializations in Marketing.

After becoming a mother in 2011, Vera Cardoso created a brand of pajamas with classic/chic lines where quality and design were its main characteristics.

Following the big success that this project became, CAMELLIA BOUTIQUE emerged as a clothing option for day-by-day use.

For 2 years, Vera Cardoso maintained the 2 brands.

Then, as a matter of marketing strategy, Vera Cardoso ended up grouping the pajamas line with the CAMELLIA BOUTIQUE brand.

CAMELLIA it's present on 3 continents America, Europe and Asia.

CAMELLIA BOUTIQUE offers elegant collections with the desire to perpetuate the tradition of classic and comfortable with a chic touch. 
Its articles are 100% manufactured in Portugal with labor and fabrics that comply with international criteria and standards.

Wearing CAMELLIA BOUTIQUE means wearing Portuguese refinement and quality.